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Meet our Team

  • Noreen Agrey
    Executive Director
    Noreen Agrey
    Executive Director
    About Noreen

    Noreen serves as the Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, a position she has held since 2007. Since starting in 1986, she has been involved in health education, resource development, program development, planning and management, proposal writing, among other activities. Noreen believes that one must never stop learning.

    Education and Training

    Noreen is an alumnus of the University of Saskatchewan, and holds a clinical lecturer position with the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology.

    Related Experience
    • Program planning and development
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Coalition and network building
    • Community capacity exchange
    • Knowledge translation, transfer and exchange
    • Maternal, child, and family health
    • Injury prevention
  • Donna Anderson
    Donna Anderson
    About Donna

    Donna has been with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute since 2007. She is the friendly face you see when you first enter the building and the kind voice you hear when calling.

    Donna provides administrative support to all staff, including the organization of conference and workshop registrations. Her other focus is accounts payable and receivable and assisting the Finance Business Manager.


    Education and Training

    Donna holds a secretarial diploma, and has worked in this role for a number of years. She also has 20 years of cataloguing experience within a public library system.

  • Ryan Jay Arcena
    Web Development Coordinator
    Ryan Jay Arcena
    Web Development Coordinator
    About Ryan

    Ryan’s role is to maintain and update the Prevention Institute's website. He creates banners, uploads blogs and other deliverables needed to make the overall aesthetic of the website. As a graphic designer and website developer, he understands the principles of designing and coding.

    Ryan completed a Computer System Design and Programming course from the Philippines and is continually researching and learning new trends on website development. Most of his design and web development skills are self-taught. If given an opportunity, Ryan would further his education because he believes that learning should never stop and nothing can stop you if you have determination.

    Ryan is married to his wife Shao and focuses on being a great dad to his son Gabe. He is a basketball guru in his dreams and loves music.

  • Pam Barker
    Communications Coordinator
    Pam Barker
    Communications Coordinator
    About Pam

    Pam has been working at the Prevention Institute since 2005. Her role is to assist with knowledge-transfer of information. By combining words and images, Pam creates the visual representation of ideas and messages to reach our audiences through various media.

    She believes that through communication … the process is created, and by design … a product is generated. Pam brings over thirty-five years of experience in visual communication from her background in the printing industry where she has worked as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, Instructor, Manager, and Owner/Operator of Type-Write Productions.

    Besides spending time with her grandchildren, family, and friends, Pam's interests include interior design, travelling, and event planning.


    Education and Training

    • Business Administration Certificate (BAC) (University of Saskatchewan)
    • Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Courses (SIAST)
    • Journeyman Typographer Certification
    • Business Development Training Program (Deloitte & Touche Business Training Services)
    • Motivational Interviewing Training (Saskatchewan Prevention Institute)
    • Social Media Marketing Training (Social Media Examiner - San Diego)
    • Adobe Captivate and E-Learning Training (Adobe Learning Summit - Florida)

  • Megan Clark
    Research and Evaluation
    Megan Clark
    Research and Evaluation
    About Megan

    Megan has been with the Prevention Institute since 2003. Megan provides guidance and leadership around ensuring that the work of the Prevention Institute is evidence-based and evaluated, in order to help program coordinators meet the needs of the intended audience and accomplish the goals identified. During her time at the Prevention Institute, Megan has also worked on developing a resource kit on ‘attachment’, the bond that children form with those they depend on for care.


    Education and Training

    Megan obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan, has a Diploma in Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University, and an M.A. in Developmental Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

    Professional Interests

    • Utilization focused and developmental evaluation
    • Knowledge translation, transfer and exchange
    • Child development and mental health
    • The attachment relationship
    • The impact of trauma and stress on development and health

  • Keri Dalsgaard
    Executive Secretary
    Keri Dalsgaard
    Executive Secretary
    About Keri

    Keri began her career with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute in 2005. She provides administrative support to the Members of the Corporation, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, and Program Advisory Committee. Keri works closely with Prevention Institute staff to ensure reports and resources follow the quality assurance process in a timely and efficient manner. She is part of the team that helps organize the biennial Prevention Matters Conference.

    Keri credits her wonderful co-workers for making work enjoyable every day. When not at work, spending time with her husband, children, and friends are important to her. Keri's favorite pastimes are travelling and golfing.

    Education and Training

    Secretarial Diploma at Robertson Secretarial School, Saskatoon

  • Marlene Dray
    FASD Prevention Program Coordinator
    Marlene Dray
    FASD Prevention Program Coordinator
    About Marlene

    Marlene has been in the FASD Prevention Program since 2011. This program shares evidence-based information about harm reduction and the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. As FASD Team Lead, Marlene’s role includes:

    • Planning, developing, and evaluating FASD resources (with an emphasis on the use of plain language).
    • Using social media to share information on pregnancy and alcohol, preconception health, low-risk drinking guidelines, and FASD.
    • Keeping current on evidence-based information through the use of professional development opportunities such as webinars, conferences, or related trainings.
    • Partnering with government ministries and community-based organizations across the province.
    • Assisting agencies and community-based organizations with planning and organizing FASD educational events such as FASD Awareness Day.
    • Organizing and/or delivering professional and public education and training about FASD.
    • Representing the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute on provincial and national committees.

    Education and Training

    Marlene has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Human Resources Diploma from SIAST. Prior to working at the Prevention Institute, Marlene worked in the field of intellectual disability. Marlene’s goals in life are to promote the use of plain language and a greater understanding of disabilities.

  • Bev Drew
    FASD Prevention Program Coordinator and Canadian FASD Mentoring Project Lead
    Bev Drew
    FASD Prevention Program Coordinator and Canadian FASD Mentoring Project Lead
    About Bev

    What Bev loves best about working at the Prevention Institute is the variety of projects she gets to be involved in. Creativity is welcomed and encouraged, and that keeps Bev enthusiastic and engaged. Bev’s role at the Prevention Institute includes:

    • Providing education, training, and resources related to FASD, prenatal development, alcohol, and Motivational Interviewing.
    • Building relationships with organizations and communities across Saskatchewan to enhance FASD prevention.

    Canadian FASD Mentoring Project: The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has funded a national project to offer FASD workshops to 134 Aboriginal Head Start programs in Urban and Northern communities (AHSUNC) across Canada. Bev is leading this 3-year project, providing resources, expertise and leadership to FASD Mentors and supporting them to provide evidence-based FASD workshops tailored to each AHSUNC community.

    Education and Training

    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Child Development Major, Family and Consumer Studies), University of Guelph
    • Masters of Science (Early Childhood Special Education Major, Human Development and Family Studies), Iowa State University
    • Member of Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

  • Jackie Eaton
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Coordinator
    Jackie Eaton
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Coordinator
    About Jackie

    Jackie is responsible for developing resources and training opportunities specific to the Sexual and Reproductive Health program. She enjoys creating e-learning projects, providing presentations, and coordinating the HIV and Pregnancy Advisory Committee.

    Experience in the field of Education and being the mother of three children fuels Jackie’s passion for sharing information for people to make healthy decisions about sexual and reproductive health.

    Education and Training
    • Bachelor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan
    • Training in Adobe Captivate E-Learning

    Presentations Provided
    • HIV and Pregnancy
    • STI Adventures E-learning
  • Amanda Galambos
    HIV Program Coordinator
    Amanda Galambos
    HIV Program Coordinator
    About Amanda

    Amanda has been with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute since 2011. Her role involves participating as a member of the SK HIV Collaborative where she works alongside representatives from the Ministry of Health, Regional Health Authorities (RHAs), First Nations Inuit Health Branch, and clinical experts in communicable diseases.

    The purpose of the SK HIV Collaborative is to provide:

    • advice and direction on addressing target populations with common needs, behaviours, and risk factors across a broad spectrum of communicable diseases such as HIV, Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis C, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • guidance and advice on a governance structure that will provide broad-based perspective on common issues, strategies, and clinical expertise to address same
    • recommendations and oversight of potential working groups to focus on implementation strategies

    More information about the SK HIV Collaborative and accompanying resources can be found on their website:


    Education and Training

    • Undergraduate Degree from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta
    • Ontario College Graduate Certificate

  • Connie Herman
    Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program Coordinator
    Connie Herman
    Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program Coordinator
    About Connie

    As a parent of a busy preschooler, Connie understands the difficulties of being a parent and believes that raising children is the most important job there is. She is grateful to coordinate a program that aims to support parents and increase understanding of their children’s development, health, safety, and behaviour. As the provincial coordinator, Connie organizes the Nobody’s Perfect facilitator course and ongoing updates, collects and maintains program statistics and feedback, and provides ongoing support, community grants, and resources.

    Education and Training
    • Bachelors of Arts and Science
    • Bachelors of Social Work
    • Nobody’s Perfect Trainer
  • Lee Hinton
    Program Manager
    Lee Hinton
    Program Manager
    About Lee

    Lee has been at the Prevention Institute since 2007. She provides support and leadership, ensuring that programs and projects meet their goals in an efficient, research-based, high quality, and effective manner. Lee developed and coordinates the Early Childhood Mental Health Program, which focuses on bringing emerging, evidence-based information and training to professionals throughout the province. As part of this program, Lee also coordinates the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Mental Health Provincial Network.

    Education and Training

    Lee obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, holds a Post Graduate Degree in Art Therapy from the University of Western Ontario, and a Masters of Social Work from Wilfred Laurier University.

    Professional Interests
    • Mental and physical health of women and children
    • Child development and mental health
    • Program development and management
    • Public speaking
    • Community capacity building
  • Travis Holeha
    Child Traffic Safety Program Coordinator
    Travis Holeha
    Child Traffic Safety Program Coordinator
    About Travis

    Travis Holeha started at the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute in February of 2009. His first role was in Child Injury Prevention before becoming the Child Traffic Safety Program Coordinator. Travis manages the province’s Child Passenger Safety Program, is the lead instructor/trainer for the Children’s Restraint System Technician Course, and works throughout the province assisting children who have special transportation needs.

    Education and Training

    Travis received his university education from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and the University of Saskatchewan. He received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan in 2007.

    Professional Interests
    • Child transportation program consultations
    • Instructing the province’s new car seat technicians
    • Working with enforcement agencies in the area of child traffic safety
    • Presenting to caregivers or organizations with an interest in child passenger safety
    • Collaborating with others to ensure a safe ride for every child (special needs children, low income families, etc.)
  • Christy Kuse
    Finance Business Manager
    Christy Kuse
    Finance Business Manager
    About Christy

    Christy manages all aspects of the organization’s financial accounting including budget preparation and management, financial reporting, financial statement analysis, payroll, and annual audit preparation. She has been with the Prevention Institute since 1995, taking a hiatus from 2003-2008 to work in the private sector, rejoining the team in 2008.

    Education and Training

    Christy has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major) and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics Major), from the University of Saskatchewan. She is an expert in ACCPac and is ready to help all of the staff with their questions about financial matters.

  • Tanis Shanks
    Community Action Program for Children Training and Education Coordinator
    Tanis Shanks
    Community Action Program for Children Training and Education Coordinator
    About Tanis

    For over a decade, Tanis has worked with parents and children in numerous capacities, including program development, facilitation, mentorship, child care, supervision, and administration. As a parent herself, Tanis is very passionate about parenting education, healthy child development, father involvement, violence prevention, and human rights. In her role, Tanis organizes and delivers trainings, presentations, and workshops to support the work of CAPC projects throughout Saskatchewan.


    Professional Interests

    • Trainer and facilitator for Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program
    • Trainer and facilitator for Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting
    • Trainer for Healthy Start/Départ Santé
    • Saskatchewan representative for Dad Central Canada
    • Truth and Reconciliation commission 'Calls to action'

    Education and Training

    • Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) majoring in Native Studies, University of Saskatchewan
    • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Regina
    • Master of Social Work, University of Regina

    Related Experience

    • Nobody’s Perfect Coordinator from 2014-2015
    • Director of a Saskatchewan CAPC project in Saskatoon from 2010-2014
    • Previous member of the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW), SASW Social Justice Committee, Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Coalition, and the Saskatoon Early Childhood Partnership

  • Jody Shynkaruk
    Research and Evaluation
    Jody Shynkaruk
    Research and Evaluation
    About Jody

    Jody’s role is to provide research and evaluation support to the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program, as well as participate on the Research and Evaluation Team. As such, Jody performs research activities (e.g., literature reviews, environmental scans, needs assessments), conducts evaluations of existing resources, and provides recommendations for future research areas within reproductive health.

    The purpose of Jody’s work is to inform health and allied health professionals about issues related to reproductive health (particularly HIV and pregnancy), with the goal of improving the care and treatment received by women and children living in Saskatchewan, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes for women and children.


    Education and Training

    • Master of Arts, Applied Social Psychology, University of Saskatchewan

    Related Experience

    • Member of the Canadian Evaluation Society, Saskatchewan Chapter
    • Project and Outreach Coordinator at AIDS Saskatoon (2009, 2010)
    • Completed previous evaluations for AIDS Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre

  • Róisín Unsworth
    Youth Action for Prevention Program Coordinator
    Róisín Unsworth
    Youth Action for Prevention Program Coordinator
    About Róisín

    Róisín is passionate about working in the area of youth health and resilience. For almost a decade, she has worked to promote healthy communities in numerous capacities, including resource and program development, facilitation, mentorship, and research. In her role, she travels to communities across Saskatchewan, providing presentations for service providers and youth, develops resources, and helps young people to create projects that raise awareness of alcohol-related harms among their peers.

    Róisín’s work extends to a variety of areas, including health promotion and education, evaluation, and youth engagement activities. She also coordinates the ‘From “At Risk” to Resilience’ trainings, Cope Magazine, and the Youth Health Community Grants Program.


    Education and Training

    • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, with a Minor in Crime, Law, and Justice Studies from the University of Saskatchewan
    • Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan

    Professional Interests

    • Member of the Girls’ Action Foundation National Rural Women’s Working Group
    • Member of the Youth Action Team, Northern Healthy Communities Partnership’ mentorship programs
    • Member of the FASD Provincial Committee
    • Committee Member – Prince Albert Addictions Awareness Committee

    Related Experience

    • Crisis Counselor at the YWCA Women’s Shelter (2010-2014)
    • Research Assistant for the Saskatchewan Research Chair in Substance Abuse at the University of Saskatchewan (2009-2013)
    • Research Coordinator for the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (2012)
    • Local Project Coordinator for the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (2010-2011)

  • Carli Wallington
    Perinatal and Infant Health Program Coordinator
    Carli Wallington
    Perinatal and Infant Health Program Coordinator
    About Carli

    As the Perinatal and Infant Health Program Coordinator, Carli provides expectant parents with evidence-based information so they can make informed decisions leading to the healthiest outcomes possible for mom and baby before, during, and after pregnancy. As a parent herself, Carli is passionate about researching emerging issues in perinatal and infant health and uses this information to increase the knowledge of the general public, health, and allied health professionals. Prior to her work in perinatal and infant health, Carli was part of the Research and Evaluation Team at the Prevention Institute, working on an array of projects for a number of programs.


    Education and Training

    • Masters of Arts, Applied Social Psychology

  • Cara Zukewich
    Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator
    Cara Zukewich
    Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator
    About Cara

    Cara’s role is to promote the importance of injury prevention for children. Developing injury prevention resources for professionals and caregivers using evidence-based information is a major aspect of the Injury Prevention Program. Cara works with communities to meet their needs (proactively and on request) and represents the Prevention Institute on interagency committees. The purpose of the Child Injury Prevention Coordinator is to organize training efforts, on a variety of injury topics, including child passenger safety, bicycle safety, playground safety, home safety, with the possibility of additional focus areas. Cara has been with the Prevention Institute since 2002 working on resource development, knowledge translation, facilitation, and planning professional development opportunities.

    Education and Training

    • Bachelor of Education, University of Regina
    • Early Childhood Development Diploma, SIAST