‘From At-Risk to Resilient’: Engaging Tools for Working with Youth to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms

Working with youth

The youth workshops are interactive and help young people analyze their substance use patterns and those of their peers. The aim is to engage youth to help them see the link between alcohol and substance use as it is related to increased risk of unintended pregnancy (and subsequently, FASD), STIs, impaired driving, and injuries.

Training adult allies (teachers, service providers, guidance counselors, social workers, youth coordinators)

Training workshops were developed in order to build capacity throughout the province and help adult allies engage youth in conversations about substance use and related harms.

The training sessions provide education about the concepts of youth engagement, tools for promoting healthy behaviours, and addressing substance abuse. The workshop demonstrates ways for engaging youth using a non-judgemental strengths-based approach. Attendees come away with tangible tools for helping youth examine the role of drugs and alcohol in their decision-making process related to substance use and abuse.

If you are interested in having the YAP Coordinator present to a group of youth or attend a training workshop, please contact the YAP Coordinator at: [email protected]revention.ca.


The ‘From “At-Risk” to Resilient’ toolkit was developed in order to provide adult allies (teachers, service providers) with the tools to engage youth in conversations about substance use, and promote discussions about how the decisions young people make today affect their future.

Toolkits are available for those interested in attending a training workshop, or scheduling a youth workshop where the YAP Coordinator can demonstrate the tools with a group of youth, and share information with the facilitator.