HIV and Pregnancy

It is important to ensure that services and programs are delivered to women living with HIV in a non-judgemental and unbiased fashion to counteract their fears and any misinformation they may have received. By providing education and training, the discrimination and stigma faced by women living with HIV can be reduced. This reduction can lead to improved care, increased likelihood of women seeking testing and treatment, and therefore, a reduction in the number of babies born with HIV.

HIV and Pregnancy: A Guide to Care

An Interactive Project for Saskatchewan Healthcare Providers and Community-Based Professionals

With appropriate care and treatment during pregnancy, including the use of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART), the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (vertical transmission) is less than 1%. As a result, more women living with HIV are making the choice to have children. In an effort to increase the knowledge of healthcare providers and community-based professionals, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute and SHARE (Saskatchewan HIV/AIDS Research Endeavour) have partnered to create an e-learning project focused on HIV and pregnancy.

HIV and Pregnancy A Guide to Care
Understanding the Connections Between Sexual Violence and HIV

Research suggests that experiencing childhood sexual abuse and/or intimate partner violence increases a woman’s risk of HIV infection, both directly through the abuse and indirectly through maladaptive coping strategies. This interactive project explains both pathways of HIV infection risk, and provides recommendations and additional resources for health and allied health professionals who work with women.

Healthy Eating for Pregnant Women Living with HIV

Healthy Eating for Pregnant Women Living with HIV highlights the importance of a healthy nutritional status for reducing the chance of vertical HIV transmission (mother-to-baby). Information about nutrition, healthy eating practices, weight gain, and additional resources is included.

This project is based on the report A Review of Nutritional Recommendations for Pregnant Women Living with HIV, prepared by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, along with updated information.

To promote further awareness of HIV in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute has created three PowerPoint presentations to be used to educate about HIV and Pregnancy.

If you require an electronic version in PowerPoint in order to customize your presentation, please contact the program coordinator at [email protected].

Pregnant, Using Drugs, and Living with HIV

is an interactive YouTube video that talks about how substance use and tobacco use affect a pregnant woman living with HIV and mother-to-child-transmission.