Let’s Talk Syphilis: Mom and Baby

Rates of syphilis are on the rise in Saskatchewan. Pregnancy is an important time to screen for syphilis. The appropriate management of a pregnant woman with infectious syphilis, including early treatment of her baby, helps prevent serious adverse consequences.

This webinar addresses:
  • the epidemiology of STIs
  • screening tests and interpretation of test results
  • management of cases and contacts of infectious syphilis
  • why STIs remain an important risk to fetal, newborn, and infant health
  • population health practices of routine screening
  • how enhanced screening during critical times are important key interventions
  • how treatment during pregnancy and pre-conception are preferred options than waiting to manage newborn cases

This webinar is targeted towards healthcare providers who assist with STBBI cases or contacts follow-up, and community members who assist in outreach activities to support clients to engage in health care.

Links to the resources discussed in this webinar are included at the bottom of this page.

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Web-Based Resources:

  • Date: March 12, 2020
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Dr. Johnmark Opondo is a Medical Health Officer for Saskatchewan Health Authority – Saskatoon, and has several years of experience in public health – from reducing high rates of maternal mortality in three African countries, to a background in reproductive health.
Janice Seebach is the Nurse Clinician for Saskatchewan Health Authority – Saskatoon and supports Sexual and Street Health staff; providing orientation, policy development, and programming as it relates to STBBI and harm reduction services.