Talk Sex Today: What kids need to know and how adults can teach them

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Parenthood never arrives with a rulebook, and when it comes to explaining the world of sexual health to your child, it can be hard not to end up a bright shade of red. Using humor and straight talk in an open, interactive online environment, Saleema Noon will show you how easy it is to convey healthy, positive messages about sexual health to kids.

This webinar will provide information on:
  • Why we need to talk to children about sexual health at a young age
  • How to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse
  • What children should know at each stage of development, with specific examples of how to explain concepts and processes
  • How to become your child’s preferred source of sexual health information
  • How to normalize open, honest sexual health conversations in your family
  • How to effectively answer even the toughest questions kids ask

This webinar is relevant to parents and educators working with children and youth.

Saleema Noon Resources:
  • Date: October 13, 2020
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.
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Saleema Noon, B.A., M.A.

Young enough to relate to children and teens, but experienced enough to understand the issues faced by parents, educators, and health care professionals, Saleema Noon earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Sciences at UBC. She then researched the quality of sexual health education in B.C. high schools, earning her a Master of Arts degree in sexual health education in 1997, also from UBC. Shortly after graduating, legendary sexual health educator Meg Hickling asked Saleema to train with her as she looked toward retirement. Since then, Saleema has been teaching not only in the field of sexual health, but also in the areas of empowerment, assertiveness training, internet safety, healthy relationships, body image and consent. With a growing team of qualified and skilled educators, Saleema has loved providing comprehensive sexual health education to parents, children, and teens across BC for over 20 years.

Respected by the media as a sexual health expert, Saleema has appeared as a regular guest on CTV News, Global News, CBC News, CBC Radio, CKNW Radio, Shaw TV, CityTV Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live, and also appeared in CBC’s Passionate Eye documentary Secrets and CBC Doc Zone documentary Sext Up Kids. Saleema has been featured in Canadian Living, Chatelaine, and Today’s Parent magazines along with several other national publications. In 2011, she received the YWCA Metro Vancouver’s Women of Distinction Connecting the Community Award. Saleema is a member of the Order of British Columbia and co-author (with Meg Hickling) of a book for parents, Talk Sex Today. You can visit her website at