Prevention Matters 2017


Prevention Matters 2017 will provide opportunities to explore prevention efforts to support the health of Saskatchewan children. The conference will focus on four streams: public health; child maltreatment; maternal and infant health; resources and skill development for individuals who work directly with families (mothers, fathers, and other caregivers) and children.


  • Apply prevention/primary care strategies to emerging public health issues related to children and families
  • Explore current issues and new evidence pertinent to the identification, investigation, management, and prevention of child maltreatment
  • Discuss application of best evidence regarding current and emerging issues that impact the outcome of pregnancy for both the woman and infant
  • Practice skills and strategies to enhance the interaction between care provider and families
  • Explore the impact of trauma on the health of children and families and recognize the importance of a trauma-informed approach in clinical and non-clinical provision of care
  • Develop inter-sectoral connections that will facilitate prevention efforts

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