Ready to Ride? Community Bike Safety Training

July 15, 2020
Adult community members, teachers, community health representatives, health promotion coordinators, and anyone who has an interest in child safety.

‘From “At-Risk” to Resilient’: Engaging Tools for Working with Youth to Reduce Alcohol-Related Harms

March 15, 2017
The youth workshops are interactive and help young people analyze their substance use patterns and those of their peers. The aim is to engage youth to help them see the link between alcohol and substance use as it is related to increased risk of unintended pregnancy (and subsequently, FASD), STIs, impaired driving, and injuries.

Mother’s Mental Health Toolkit Training

August 23, 2015
This ongoing training on the Mother’s Mental Health Toolkit is a knowledge-sharing and capacity-building tool for staff working with women and/or families in community-based organizations. One-and-a-half and two-day workshops are available.

Nobody’s Perfect Facilitator Training

May 1, 2015
Nobody’s Perfect is a preventive educational and support program for parents of children from birth to age five. It supports parents to enhance their knowledge, skills and self-confidence that are vital to healthy and effective parenting. It also encourages the development of a strong and supportive social network among participants.

Motivational Interviewing Training

February 20, 2015
This 2-day training is a hands-on, skill development workshop that will provide participants with a solid foundation of MI principles, and an opportunity to practice MI communication skills and strategies.

Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

January 23, 2015
Many of the injuries and deaths to children in vehicle collisions are preventable. This is where you can help. Become a Children’s Restraint System Technician as part of your job, community organization, or just as a volunteer. The course is FREE of charge, and will give you the skills you need to become a valuable resource to caregivers.